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Greeting from Q Smile Dental Spa,

    Q Smile Dental Spa is thrilled to present scholarships funds for college bound students, who are determined and willing to make a better future. The funds will be applied to your choice of school tuitions/books.

    To apply for this scholarship, please read thoroughly and comply with all of the requirements below:

        1.)  Applicants must be Senior High School students in MA and have household income of $40,000 or less

        2.) Applicants must have official High School Transcript- GPA 3.5 or greater

        3.) Essay 500 words minimum on either subject below:

            A) The COVID-19 pandemic affects and disrupts all aspects of our normal lives, and education is seeing drastic change from attending classroom to online/virtual learning . With such change, do you encounter any difficulties with learning and getting help with your needs? Is virtual learning effective and beneficial to you? If your answer is YES or NO, please share us your thoughts and reasons to support your answers. What would you like to change in order to improve your learning experience? How does the virtual learning affect your family routine since an adult must be home to guide and/or assist you with the learning at home?

            B) You may have heard a lot of talks about Global warming. Do you believe in climate change? We hear lots of wildfires in West coast in recent years. Do you believe the Global warming attributes to the wild disasters? If you do, how would you tackle the issue if you were given sufficient resources? If you do not, please state your reasons and facts that make you believe in what you believe in?

        4.) Applicants must obtain 3 official letters of recommendations

            Deadline to receive applications is Sunday, January 16th, 2021. Winners of these scholarships will be contacted directly on February 8th, 2021, and the announcement will be also published on Q Smile Dental Spa’s social media accounts, such as website, Facebook, Instagram.

            1st Place- $2,500

            2nd Place- $1,500

            3rd Place - $1,000

    Applicants may send your Essay, Letters of recommendations, Official Transcript, and 2019 Tax Return via our e-mail: or mail to our address at : 235 Quincy Ave. Quincy, MA 02169


If you have any further questions, please contact John Lu, Scholarship Coordinator, at 617-479-8400, extension # 0102 or e-mail:

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